Wi-Fi Classic

  • Connect to your home Wi-Fi network without additional Hub/Gateway.
  • Control your lights direct with your smartphone from home or on the move.
  • Deter burglars by programming lights to turn on and off when you are away from home.
  • Works with Amazon Alexa/Google Assistant for hands-free voice control.

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Sengled Wi-Fi Classic


Connect the bulb to your home Wi-Fi network without additional Hub/Gateway. With the Sengled Home App you can manage your lights, including set brightness or schedules anytime, anywhere. You can also use voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Home to set up the perfect atmosphere at home. 

Unpack, screw in, connect with your router, ready!

Sengled Wi-Fi Classic simply screws into a standard B22 or E27 light socket and is immediately ready for use. Combined with your router, Wi-Fi Classic is perfect for your smart lighting home. You can manage your lights, brightness or set up light-schedules anytime, anywhere.

Sengled Home App

The free app gives you complete control over your light. Use the app to connect your lamps, manage them and set timings. Your home is illuminated not only whenever you want it but also exactly the way you like it to be.

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Technical Data

Lamp base:
Model number:
2700K:W21-U21 (E27) / W21-U31 (B22);Multicolor:W21-U23 (E27) / W21-U33 (B22)
Energy supply:
220-240V, 50/60 Hz
Energy consumption:
8.8W (rated)
Operating temperature:
-20°C to +40°C
Air humidity:
Luminous flux:
806 Lumen
Colour temperature:
2700 Kelvin (warm white)/Multicolor
Colour rendering index:
Beam angle:
240 Degrees
Yes (via App or voice control)
Dimensions diameter:
Height 115 mm, Diameter 60 mm
2700K:55 g;Multicolor:60g

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Factory Reset

When the Wi-Fi A60 Bulb will not pair with your network, you need to reset the Bulb and then try the pairing and configuration procedure again.

Here are the directions for factory resetting:

  1. Install the Wi-Fi A60 Bulb into a light fixture which is controlled by a wall switch and leave it in Switch-ON mode.
  2. Flip the switch OFF and ON quickly for 5 times.
  3. You should see the Wi-Fi A60 Bulb blink 5 times, stay on for 1 second and then breath twice, which indicates a factory reset has successfully finished.
Tip: If the Wi-Fi A60 Bulb couldn’t be reset correctly, please follow the online video guide http://youtu.be/LsnNEsrgd_I
Tip: Please make sure you don’t RESET the other Wi-Fi A60 Bulbs controlled by the same wall switch by accident.


1. The setup procedure did not work. What can I do?

Please first verify with the help of your mobile device if you have good Wi-Fi coverage at the location you installed the Wi-Fi A60 Bulb. If Wi-Fi coverage is fine, please follow the Factory Reset procedure to reset the Wi-Fi A60 Bulb and try again.

2. Will I lose control if I remove and re-install the Wi-Fi A60 Bulb in a different room?

The Wi-Fi A60 Bulb will be reconnected automatically to the Wi-Fi router if it’s the same router as it was originally connected.

3. Can I still use a wall switch to control the light?

Yes, you can still use a wall switch to turn the Wi-Fi A60 Bulb on and off. However, when it’s switched off, you can’t use Sengled Home app to control it.

4. From what distance can I control the Wi-Fi A60 Bulb?

You can control your Wi-Fi A60 Bulb from any location in the world as long as your iOS/Android device can access the internet through Wi-Fi or mobile network.

5. Can I connect and control multiple Wi-Fi A60 Bulbs?


Note: The number of devices that can be connected to your home network depends on your Wi-Fi router and your existing Wi-Fi devices.

6. Can other family member control my Wi-Fi A60 Bulb?

Yes, people can install the Sengled Home App on multiple mobile devices and use the same login to control the same set of devices.

7. How do I assign my Wi-Fi A60 Bulb to a different room?

Tap More from Sengled Home App home page and go to My Devices. Choose the Wi-Fi A60 Bulb you want to modify. Tap the gear icon on top-right, then choose Room to adjust room setting.

8. How do I reset the Wi-Fi A60 Bulb?

See Factory Reset guidelines of this user manual.

9. What should I do if I got a new Wi-Fi router?

Please first unpair your Wi-Fi A60 Bulb from your network by deleting it from “My Device” page. RESET the bulb and pair it with the new Wi-Fi router.

10. I can’t login my Sengled Home app to control my Wi-Fi A60 Bulb. What can I do?

Please make sure you have internet access before login your Sengled Home account.

11. I have other Sengled Element LED products and Hub. Will the Wi-Fi A60 Bulb be connected with Sengled Element Hub?

No, the Sengled Element Hub is a ZigBee hub, which will not work with Wi-Fi A60 Bulb.

12. I lost internet connection, but my Wi-Fi network is fine, will I still be able to control my Wi-Fi A60 Bulb?

No. Cloud access is part of control procedure, so internet is required.

13. Can I use Guest account setup and control my Wi-Fi A60 Bulb?


14. Can I use my Wi-Fi extender device to setup and control my Wi-Fi A60 Bulb?

Yes, but during the setup procedure, you need to connect your mobile device to your Wi-Fi extender as well.

15. How can I setup Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant voice control?

First please follow the regular Setup procedure and config room setup with Sengled Home app.

a. For Amazon Alexa, go to Skills and add Sengled Home. It will recognize your Wi-Fi A60 Bulb after account login and synchronization.
b. For Google Home, go to Home Control and add (+) Sengled Home. It will recognize your Wi-Fi A60 Bulb after account login and synchronization.