Simply integrate Sengled Flex (which has speakers made by JBL) into your home WIFI network. By using the free app you can easily dim the light steplessly and create individually controllable groups with multiple bulbs.

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Sengled Flex


Simply integrate Sengled Flex (which has speakers made by JBL) into your home WIFI network. By using the free app you can easily dim the light steplessly and create individually controllable groups with multiple bulbs. The result is a multi-room environment in which you can play back several sources at the same time. You can easily start streaming music by using popular apps such as Spotify or Deezer and just switch it over to the bulbs. Your mobile is then free to use for whatever you wish. And to maximise the fun you can also use Flex in any E27 socket outdoors!

Horn: the matching light socket for your Flex



Simply integrate Sengled Flex (which has speakers made by JBL) into your home WIFI network.

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Horn is the custom-made bulb holder for your Flex

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Technical Data

Power Supply:
220-240 Volt AC, 50 Hz
Light Socket:
Power Consumption:
10 watts (rated), 13 watts (LED + speaker)
Operating Temperature:
-20°C to 40°C
Operating Humidity:
0% < RH < 85%, non condensation
164.0 mm (H) x 93.0 mm (Dia.) / 6.46”(H) x 3.66” (Dia.)
370 g / 13.4 oz. (approx.)
silver, champagne
4,7 watts (LED Module)
470 lumens
Color Temperature:
2.700 Kelvin – warm white
Beam Angle:
100 degrees
13 watts (max.), Impedance 8 Ohm
1.75” Full Range High Fidelity JBL® Loudspeaker
Frequency Response:
100 Hz to 20 kHz
Wireless network compatibility:
dual band 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi® (2,4 GHz & 5 GHz-Bereich) **
System Latency (Point-to-Point):
< 1 ms


 ** Wireless transmission distance will vary with network conditions and environmental factors, including radio interference, building materials and construction. In order to achieve the optimal wireless transmission quality, variable maximum range of 10~35 meters (near line of sight) is recommended for different environments.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Installation questions

1. Important Stuff! Things to Remember about Flex?

  • Do not install Flex on a dimmer switch/circuit.
  • Flex needs a strong Wi-Fi signal to operate. Don’t move it outside of your router’s effective range.
  • Flex works with 2.4 & 5GHz Wi-Fi signals.
  • Each Flex bulb could only be bound with one registered account.
  • The same account could be used on different mobile devices at the same time. 1 bulb can only be connected in one Scene.
  • Make sure your Wi-Fi router allows full internet access for new devices and check that the roules or restrictions are set as open as possible. Restrictions can cause troubles with the connection. Also keep in mind that time profiles set in the router might influence the connectivity.
  • Please check which Wi-Fi you connect the Flex bulb to – it should be the original router - just in case you are using Wi-Fi repeaters or boosters.

2. What is the recommended distance between the Wi-Fi router and the Flex bulb? I am going to install one in the other room of my house.

The distance between your Home Wi-Fi router and the Flex bulb could vary with network conditions and environmental factors, including volume of network traffic, building materials and construction, network interference and network overhead.
If the Flex bulb is under an ideal environment with the Wi-Fi Router, for example, near line of sight, well within the Wi-Fi Router signal coverage, no obvious obstacles between the Wi-Fi Router and the Flex, etc., then the distance between the home Wi-Fi router and Flex bulb could reach about 35 meters. Of course, with longer distances and more obstacles you will get a weaker Wi-Fi signal from the Flex the farther it is away from the Home Wi-Fi router. That is the reason why sometimes Flex doesn’t work smoothly.

3. Can I install Flex bulb in my bathroom? I always like to listen to some music to relax when taking a shower.

Yes. Flex is humidity resistant. The protection grade of Flex is up to IP43. It is designed to withstand high-humidity, such as in a bathroom with a running shower. However, it is not waterproof or water-resistant. Ensure proper distance between electrical devices and wet areas to prevent risk of electrical shock!

Flex App questions

1. How do I add my first Flex bulb?

Open the Flex app, select your region and register an account, then select a scene to add Flex bulb and follow the application steps to add your new bulb. If you get stuck, click the top left menu icon → Account head → About tap → User Manual or Sengled website: www.sengled.com

2. How do I add another Flex bulb?

Open the Flex app, select one of two ways to add your new Flex bulb:

1. Add new Flex bulb under current scene: Enter Control interface and click "Add a new Flex bulb" on the bottom part of the app to add your new Flex bulb like the first one. Finally choose “add to scene” and press “done”
2. Add new Flex bulb under another scene: Add a new scene on the menu column first, then add your new Flex bulb like the first one.

Note: Flex bulbs under the same scene could be controlled synchronously and will play music from the same source. However, Flex bulbs in different scenes could be controlled separately.

3. The app keeps running a circle in the middle of the interface, then it disappears and says "Network failed, please reset Flex bulb and try again later". What happened?

It means your Flex could not be added successfully. Please close the app, press the reset button on the Flex bulb, wait the voice prompt says "Return to Wireless Mode – Wireless Mode", and begin the "Add Flex bulb" process in the application again.

4. Can I change the default name of Flex bulb to another name I want?

Yes. Users can rename Flex bulb on “Starting Pairing” interface during the process of configuring Flex bulb.

5. How do you find the app version and how do you update it when a new version is released?

The Flex App will remind you when a new version is released there. Click the “About” button on the interface to check the App version.

6. Do I need to connect the home router through the Flex App every time I turn on the Flex bulb?

No. Once setup is done, every time you turn on the Flex bulb, it can detect and connect to the Wi-Fi router automatically. Please allow some additional time, when several Flex bulbs are not on the same power circuit and power is switched on one after another. In this case logging on to the Wi-Fi and negotiating the wireless setup might also require to press the “Refresh”-button in the App.

7. I can’t click the Music icon to enter “Choose Music Resource” interface to play music, however, other functions work normally. How can I play music through the app?

Please check if your Wi-Fi connects to the correct home router that Flex connects to. Users can play music through Flex app when the device connects the same home router as Flex connects to. During the first time clicking “Choose Music Resource / Local Music” – and the full music library to show up in the App it might take some time depending on the size of your local library.

8. If I turn off the light switch on the wall or on my lamp, will the cloud functions (Wake-Up, Sleep, etc.) keep working?

No, if the power to the bulb has been turned off, the bulb will not function at all. Use the Flex app to turn off the lighting function and all functions of Flex will continue to work.

9. Does Flex bulb remember the brightness level that I turned off last time?

Yes. Users can select "Keep Last Brightness" in the setting interface on Flex App. After that, Flex will show the last brightness level when it is turned on.

10. Can Flex play music both from local music collections and most popular online music services?

Yes. Users can enter “Choose Music Resource” to play music from local music collections and popular online music services. Currently Spotify, Deezer and local Music can be used. In the upcoming realeases of software we are planning to include more Music services.

11. During the pairing process, after clicking “Pairing” it goes to Wi-Fi Settings page again, however, it automatically chooses another Wi-Fi to pair, which results in the App control to fail. What should I do?

Please reset Flex to factory defaults first, then pair Flex again from the beginning. (Please see the next question to know how to reset Flex)

12. How to reset the Flex bulb to factory defaults when it failed to network?

Manual Reset: Power on the Pulse Flex bulb and wait 30 seconds for the bulb to boot. Press and hold the RESET button for few seconds until the light begins blinking 3 times. Release the button and wait for 2~3 minutes for the bulb to finish and enter "Wireless Mode". The bulb is now restored to factory defaults settings.
CAUTION: This procedure restores the bulb to the factory default settings and deletes all saved settings.

13. Does Flex support Multi-room controlling?

If users have multiple music players on the smart device, he/she can control what's playing in any room from anywhere in your house. Flex Controllers aren't tied to a specific player, so you can use any Controller to control the music and the volume in all your rooms.

14. Can Flex play a different song in every room, at the same time? Also, can I listen to the same song in every room, in perfect synchronization?

Yes. Users can add several scenes on menu column of Flex App. Add Flex bulbs in different scenes to play a different song in every room at the same time. Play the same song in every room synchronously by adding all Flex bulbs in one scene.

15. How to move one Flex bulb to anther scene?

Open the app, enter the Control interface, click Edit tap on the top right corner. First, remove the Flex bulb from current scene, then enter the Control interface in another scene and click “Add 1 available bulb to current scene” on the bottom part of the app.

Warranty and others questions

1. Does Flex come with a warranty and if so, how long?

This product comes with a 24 months manufacturer´s warranty to Europe. The warranty doesn’t affect your legal rights under the statutory provisions.

2. Can I connect Flex to my TV?

No. Flex doesn’t support to connect to TV to extend the audio currently.