Boost GU10

Disruptive WLAN dead spots in your rooms are a thing of the past with the brilliant Sengled Boost GU10.

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Sengled Boost GU10


Disruptive WLAN dead spots in your rooms are a thing of the past with the brilliant Sengled Boost GU10. Extend the range and reception quality of your WLAN network quickly and easily by installing additional lamps from the Boost series. This product also offers you extensive lighting functions.

Unpack, screw in, connect. And that’s it done.

Boost GU10 immediately extends your WLAN. Simply insert it in the light socket, select the WLAN to be extended and permanently increase its range.

1. Unpack

Take your new Sengled Boost GU10 out of the box.

2. Switch off – Safety first

Safety first. Set the switch supplying power to the light socket into the “OFF” position.

3. Insert Boost GU10 + light on

Insert your Boost GU10 into the light socket and switch on the light.


4. Install the app

Start the Boost app on your mobile device and connect the lamp to your WLAN.

5. Enjoy your extended WLAN

After installation, your WLAN will reach rooms and corners that previously had a poor WLAN signal or no signal at all. Sengled Boost remembers your WLAN settings. When you switch the lamp off and then back on again later, or after a power failure, the connection to your WLAN router re-establishes itself automatically.

Boost GU10 App

With the free app, you can control your light and set the parameters for your WLAN network extension: A smart phone is all you need to be able to switch the light on, off or dim it.

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LED lamp + Wi-Fi repeater – More Wi-Fi please! Sengled Boost GU10 extends the range of your Wi-Fi network in exactly the same way as Sengled Boost.

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Technical Data

Model number:
Lamp socket:
LED power:
3,7 watts
Luminous flux:
350 lumens
Beam angle:
36 degrees
Colour temperature:
2700 Kelvin – warm white
Colour-rendering index:
yes, using an app, not through external dimmer
Energy supply:
120 VAC, 50 Hz
Energy consumption:
7,5 watts (average), 9 watts (maximum, LED light + Wi-Fi)
Operating temperature:
-20°C to +40°C
up to 95%, not suitable for environments with water spray or condensation
Housing colour:
neutral white
high 83 mm, diameter 50 mm
approx. 290 g
IEEE 802.11 b/g/n in the 2,4 GHz-band at up to 300 MBit/s
Wi-Fi security:
Wi-Fi encryption:
Wi-Fi transmission power:
IEEE 802.11b: +20 dBm (max.), IEEE 802.11g: +18 dBm (max.), IEEE 802.11n: +15 dBm (max.)


From hotspots to megabytes, everything you need to know about your Boost GU10 bulbs is right here.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Important information – What you should know about Sengled Boost:

  • Do not install Sengled Boost in a light socket on a dimmer circuit.
  • Sengled Boost extends your WLAN in the 2.4 GHz frequency range.
  • Each Sengled Boost lamp creates a cell with its own SSID (Service Set Identifier, which is also the network name).
  • If you change the password for your WLAN router, you will also have to reset the Sengled Boost lamp and then re-enter the configuration details using the Boost app. Use the new, changed password for the WLAN router.
  • Sengled Boost will work only if it has a wireless connection to your WLAN router. Therefore, you should position Sengled Boost within range of your WLAN router.

2. After I have configured Sengled Boost, the lamp no longer appears in the Boost app. The message “No Boost lamp found” appears instead. What has happened?

After configuration, the lamp performs a restart to store the changes. This process can take a minute or more. During this time, the lamp cannot be seen by the app. Now press the Refresh symbol in the top right corner of the app to find the lamp and display it again.

3. How can I add another Sengled Boost lamp?

Open the Boost app and press the menu symbol in the top right of the screen. Then select the command “Add Bulb” and follow the steps displayed. If you are unsuccessful, you can find further information at:

4. If I switch off the current to the lamp or the wall switch, will the WLAN extension still operate?

No. If the current is interrupted, the lamp switches off completely. If you use the Boost app to switch the light part of the lamp off, then the WLAN function will continue to work. The light switch button in the app is a convenient way of switching the light on and off.

5. When the current to my Sengled Boost lamp is interrupted, it continues to appear on the Boost app screen. Why is this?

As soon as you press the “Refresh” symbol in the top right of the Boost app screen, the affected lamp will not be displayed, because the app can no longer find it.

6. Can the password for my Sengled Boost lamp be different to the password for my WLAN router?

Sorry, you can’t do that. To extend your WLAN, the Sengled Boost lamp must be wirelessly connected to your WLAN router. You will need your router password to do this.

7. I have reset my Sengled Boost lamp. Now I cannot reconfigure it. What has happened?

Sengled Boost lamps take up to three minutes to restart after a reset. If you try to make contact with the lamp during this time, you may be unsuccessful. Simply wait a few minutes until you can access the lamp using the Boost app.

8. If I have more than one Sengled Boost lamp in use, – e.g. in the basement or in the garage – can I control the lamp in the garage if I have just connected with the lamp in the basement?

Yes, you can do that. The lamps combine with the WLAN router to form a common network, with the result that you have access to all the lamps, whatever your current location within the WLAN network.

9. The Boost app searches for my Sengled Boost lamp, but cannot find it. What can I do?

Close the Boost app, perform a restart by pressing the reset button on the lamp and wait three minutes. Then you can restart the Boost app and repeat the login process for the lamp.

10. If I stand between my WLAN router and my Sengled Boost lamp, which network (SSID) does my mobile device connect with?

That depends on your mobile device. As soon as a certain signal strength from the current WLAN access point is exceeded, most mobile devices will connect automatically with the known access point that has the greatest signal strength at that moment.

11. Can I control the settings of my Sengled Boost lamps using the Boost app from any mobile device with an Android or iOS operating system?

Yes, you can do that because the app is available for both platforms.

12. As soon as my mobile device has connected with my Sengled Boost lamp’s WLAN cell, I can no longer add further Boost lamps to my network. What’s the reason for that?

Your mobile device must be connected to your WLAN router’s cell when you wish to add a new Boost lamp.

13. Can I switch off the LED light in my lamp and still use the WLAN extension?

Yes, the Boost app has a function that allows you to dim or switch off the light without affecting the lamp’s WLAN connection. However, if you interrupt the power supply to the Boost lamp at the light switch, you will switch the lamp off completely, with the result that the WLAN extension also shuts down.

14. What is the difference between the lamp’s “Client” and “AP” modes”?

After the Sengled Boost lamp has connected with your WLAN router, the lamp works in both modes.

The Client mode is used to connect the lamp with the WLAN router and for subsequent data exchanges.

The AP mode is used when other devices connect to the Boost lamp and go through it as the intermediary to access the WLAN router and the associated network (LAN / Internet).

15. Can I further extend my WLAN network by connecting one Sengled Boost lamp to another?

No, like most devices for extending WLANs, Sengled Boost is designed assuming a star-shaped network topology in which each lamp makes direct contact with the WLAN router. The design does not allow for the cascade arrangement you describe.

16. I would like to know whether the Sengled Boost lamp can also extend my WLAN 5 GHz network?

No, the current generation of Sengled Boost lamps operates only in the 2.4 GHz frequency band and supports no other type of WLAN.

17. Does the Sengled Boost lamp remember its last brightness setting?

Yes, the Boost app has a special setting for this called “Keep Last Brightness”. As soon as you activate this option, the lamp remembers the last brightness setting when it is switched off and resets the brightness at this level automatically when you switch it on again.

18. Is the Sengled Boost lamp omnidirectional?

Yes, the light from the Boost lamp has a beam angle of 270° (Boost Clear)

19. Do all Sengled Boost lamps use the same ID, i.e. they are displayed on my mobile device as a single WLAN?

No, each lamp has its own individual ID, the SSID (Service Set Identifier, which is also the network name) so that they appear on your mobile device as independent access points.

20. Can I change the pre-allocated name of my Sengled Boost lamp?

Yes, when you add the lamp using the Boost app, you can change its name to whatever you wish via the app. You can also change it later if you like, again via the app.

21. Is a warranty provided for Sengled Boost lamps and how long is it?

Yes, the manufacturer’s warranty within the EU is for two years from the date of purchase. This warranty does not affect your statutory rights.

22. I would like to add a Sengled Boost lamp to my WLAN network but the lamp will not stop flashing. What can I do?

Please follow the steps described in the Quickstart guide under “Factory reset”.

23. How can I find out the version of the Boost app on my mobile device? How can I update it if a newer version is available?

The Sengled Boost app will automatically tell you when a new version is available. Press the “About” button in the Boost app if you wish to see the currently installed version number.

24. Do I have to connect the Sengled Boost lamp to my WLAN router using the Boost app every time I switch the lamp on?

No. After you have configured the lamp and connected it to the WLAN router, each time the lamp is switched on it will search for the WLAN router and connect to it automatically.

25. What does “supports up to 300 MBits/s” mean?

That indicates the maximum speed at which data can be transmitted from the Sengled Boost lamp to a connected WLAN router. This has nothing to do with the speed at which the WLAN router can connect to the Internet.

26. Why can’t my mobile phone or tablet find the Sengled Boost lamp?

The following steps will help you narrow down the source of the problem:

Sengled Boost operates in the 2.4 GHz frequency band. Please ensure that the WLAN in your mobile device is also set to operate on this frequency band.

Check the version of the operating system on your mobile device. In the case of Apple devices, you will require iOS 7.0 or higher. For devices with the Android operating system, the required version is 3.0 or higher.

Please ensure that the distances between your mobile device, the Sengled Boost lamp and the WLAN router are not too large. Please bear in mind: Sengled Boost must be in contact with your WLAN router and therefore must be within the router’s effective range.

Reset your Sengled Boost lamp by: Pressing the reset button on the lamp (see figure) for at least five seconds. As soon as the reset has completed, the LED light on the lamp flashes for several seconds. Please wait at least two minutes until the lamp has completed its restart.

Boost - Reset button

Then start the Sengled Boost app and choose the command “Add Boost Bulbs” from the menu. Follow the steps indicated on the screen. Please be aware that network configuration is a complex process. It can take a few minutes until the lamp has been found.

27. I would like to install a lamp in another room of my house. What is the recommended maximum distance between the WLAN router and the Sengled Boost lamp?

Sengled Boost works as a “WLAN repeater” and therefore relies on a connection to the WLAN router as the source of the WLAN network and for the access to the Internet.

The maximum possible distance between your WLAN router and the Sengled Boost lamp and the achievable effective data throughput depends on a number of different factors. These include the arrangement and construction of your rooms, building materials, network characteristics and the amount of congestion on the frequencies used.

Under optimum conditions and a near line of sight connection between the WLAN router and the Boost lamp (no interfering obstructions between them), the distance may be up to 35 m or more.

Even if your mobile device receives a strong signal from the Sengled Boost lamp, the connection between the lamp and the WLAN router may be limited by the above factors. This could also be the reason for a slow speed of access to the local network and to the Internet.

28. How can I reset the Sengled Boost lamp to its factory settings?

You can initiate a reset either by software using the Boost app or manually by pressing a button on the lamp.

Software reset: Press the “Single Bulb” bar at the bottom right in the Boost app and select the lamp that you wish to reset. Then select “Settings” and then “Remove from the Main Network” at the bottom of the screen. The lamp takes about 60 seconds to reset its settings and restart.

Manual reset: Press the reset button on the lamp once. The lamp flashes quickly to signal that the reset button is working. Then you can choose between two procedures:
You can either press the reset button for at least five seconds or press the reset button three times in succession.

The LED light in the lamp then begins to flash. This continues for about 60 seconds until the lamp has reset its factory settings and restarted. Please wait a further two minutes if you would then like to reconfigure the lamp using the Boost app.

29. My Sengled Boost lamp has connected with the WLAN router, but I cannot access the Internet via the lamp with my iPad. Could there be a problem with the lamp?

First check the password for your WLAN router. Special characters, such as a colon, semicolon, exclamation mark etc., in your password could be the reason. If that is not the case, please check whether the lamp is too far from your WLAN router and therefore is receiving only a very weak WLAN signal or no signal at all. The following steps will help you narrow down the source of the problem:

  1. Connect your mobile device directly to the WLAN router and position yourself close to the Boost lamp. Check the strength of the WLAN signal. If the signal is not strong enough, go to step 2.
  2. Insert the Boost lamp into a desk or floor lamp that you can easily move around between your rooms. Take the Boost lamp closer to your WLAN router. If a connection is established, the original distance was too great.