Winner of the Innovation Award: CO2-neutral LED lamps at CES 2017

Presentation of new smart-lighting products during CES Unveiled and at booth 41336

Düsseldorf, 3 January 2017. Sengled, a leading manufacturer of innovative smart-lighting solutions for smart homes, will be presenting its latest innovations at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2017 in Las Vegas. Amongst them are Sengled Element, winner of the Innovation Award in the eco-design and sustainability category, and the title holder in the smart-home segment, Sengled Pulse Link. Sengled will be presenting its products at the CES Unveiled media event and at the Sands Expo congress centre, stall 41336. Visitors of the show will have the opportunity to experience the prod-ucts in a realistic connected-home setup at the booth.

The remote-controlled LED lamp Sengled Element has a minimalist, modern design. It fits regular light bulb sockets and easily adapts to the individual lifestyle of any user. Element combines the energy efficiency of an LED with modern functions, such as a programmable light timer, adjustable colour temperature (from warm white at 2,700 K to daylight white at 6500 K) and a metre measuring energy consumption. The lamps are controlled individually or in groups and can be programmed to light up automatically when the user returns home. They can also be set to switch off automatically during day-light hours in order to save energy. Sengled Element only requires 9.8 watts, i.e. approximately 80 per cent less energy than a conventional 60-watts light bulb, for the same light output. It has a nominal lifespan of approx. 22 years. All functions can be controlled via a convenient app (iOS™ or Android™) and integrated into common smart-home systems, such as AT&T Digital Life and Samsung SmartThings.

Sengled Element goes even further: the product combines the advantages of the Sengled LED bulb with the “One Bulb One Tree” environmental campaign. Within the scope of this campaign, Sengled has pledged to plant one tree for each Element sold in order to offset the CO2 emitted during the production process – which is very low in the first place. This makes Sengled Element the first CO2-neutral light bulb in the world.

“The ‘One Bulb One Tree’ campaign emphasises our commitment to the environment and our customers,” Jutta Peinze, Marketing & Business Development Director Europe, explains. “We combine CO2-neutral bulbs with outstanding technologies that improve the lives of their users. We are very much looking forward to presenting Sengled Element and our other security and entertainment products for modern smart homes at CES 2017.“

Pulse Link is an addition to the successful Sengled Pulse Satellite. The well-known musical bulb contains an integrated Bluetooth speaker from the JBL HiFi range. The Pulse Link adapter connects to a TV or receiver and wirelessly transmits audio signals to the Pulse light bulbs. Its users can enjoy high-quality stereo sound (or separate audio signals on the right and left channel) via the LED lamps, which can be placed above the TV or out of view for a better spatial audio experience.

Pulse Link

Sengled will also be presenting a new security LED from its Smartsense range. Smartsense is equipped with an integrated sensor and automatically activates the light for 90 seconds when movement is detected.


The new Twilight is similar to comfort lights in cars: it is the first home LED that continues to emit light for up to 15 seconds after it is switched off, ensuring that the user can leave the room safely. Sengled Mood allows you to switch from neutral white (5000 K) to warm white (2700K) with one click, using a simple light switch to control the lighting situation irrespective of environmental lighting conditions. It does not require a remote control or smartphone app. Due to high demand, Sengled has developed Paint: an LED light that switches between the colours of the RGB pallet. These beginners’ smart lights will be available online and from specialised retailers for EUR 15.00–25.00


Sengled is very proud of two of its new products, which have won the CES Innovation Award. The titles have further encouraged the company to continue developing and presenting user-friendly smart-home technologies in the New Year. This objective is strengthened by the new partnership with Qivicon, the smart-home platform of Deutsche Telekom, which will help Sengled further strengthen its brand awareness and market profile.


About Sengled

Sengled is a leading provider of innovative lighting solutions based in Shanghai. The company has branches in Düsseldorf, the USA, Canada and Australia. Sengled owns approximately 200 worldwide patents and for 15 years has specialised in the manufacture of LED products for business and private customers worldwide. It offers both high-quality and energy-efficient alternatives to conventional light bulbs. Sengled's LED solutions are the lighting solutions for the 21st century: they facilitate a new perception of lighting and guide the way to an energy-saving and cost-efficient world of luminosity. The company works according to the maxim of developing innovative products that produce no unnecessary environmental impact during the manufacturing process. At the same time, its products are renowned for long product life cycles, first-class light output and high efficiency. The vision is to inspire the world with smart lighting products and lots of new, fresh ideas: the possibilities are almost infinite. This is also why the infinity symbol is at the heart of the Sengled corporate logo.

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