IFA 2017: Sengled introduces new products at IFA 2017

Sengled Solo 2 RGBW, Sengled Pulse Wave and Sengled Element RGBW revive the portfolio for the late summer. In addition, there will be an upgrade of the Sengled Snap Cloud package.

Berlin, 29th August 2017. Sengled, a leading manufacturer of innovative smart lighting solutions for the smart home, announces the availability of the Sengled Solo 2 RGBW and the Sengled Pulse Wave for the start of the International Consumer Electronics Fair IFA (Berlin, 1st - 6th September 2017, Smart Home hall 6.2, stand 104). In addition, the smart lighting specialist introduces the Sengled Element RGBW as well as some new features of the smart LED light bulb with IP security camera Sengled Snap: now users can access video material of the last 24 hours for free.

Sengled Solo 2 RGBW – turn your living room into a nightclub

The Sengled Solo 2 RGBW combines sound and colour in a colour changing LED light bulb with built-in Bluetooth speaker and provides disco effects to go with the sound. With 16 million colours and five default colour samples that can conveniently be operated using an app, the living room turns into a dance floor. With the go-to-sleep mode of the Sengled Solo 2 RGBW, the light is dimmed automatically and the music turned down. This way you can finish off your evening with a pleasant atmosphere.


Sengled Pulse Wave – surround sound from the ceiling

The Sengled Pulse series is now joined by the Sengled Pulse Wave, an energy-saving LED ceiling light with built-in Bluetooth speaker from audio expert JBL. The bulb can easily be integrated into the ceiling and impresses with its modern design. With the free app, the light can be dimmed, the volume controlled and the sound refined. Moreover, up to seven Wave satellites can be connected with the master bulb and, this way, create full surround sound.

Sengled Wave


Sengled Element RGBW – brings colour into your life

With the new addition to the Sengled Element family, the Sengled Element RGBW, the brightness, lighting times and even the light colour can be individually changed.  With a selection of up to 16 million different colours, the Sengled Element RGBW ensures atmospheric lighting in every situation. Remote controllable via ZigBee standard, up to 64 LED light bulbs can be connected in a smart home network: simply connect and sign up via the app and you have the full control over your lighting whether from home or when on the move.

Sengled Element RGBW


Sengled Snap – upgrade for the home security bulb

With its built-in IP security camera, microphone and speaker, the Sengled Snap contributes greatly to home security. For the IFA 2017, Sengled now presents an upgrade to the storage options of video material from the built-in security camera.  Customers have previously been able to stream live recordings from the security camera within the bulb via the cloud free of charge. Now the customer has the possibility to access video material in the Sengled Cloud from the last 24 hours for free. With this, Sengled reacts to the feedback of its customers who, according to a survey, desired a free expansion of the Sengled Cloud packages.

Sengled Snap

Prices and availability

The video material from the Sengled Snap of the last 24 hours is available to the customer for free. Anyone who needs even more storage space is able to use the Sengled Basic package plus for only 6.50 EUR per month with 7 day's video material or for 18.50 EUR with 30 day's video material. A test version of the Sengled Basic package plus is free for 30 days.


About Sengled

Sengled is a leading provider of innovative lighting solutions based in Shanghai. The company has branches in Düsseldorf, the USA, Canada and Australia. Sengled owns approximately 200 worldwide patents and, for 15 years, has been specialised in the manufacture of lighting devices for business and private customers worldwide. It offers both high-quality as well as energy-efficient alternatives for conventional light bulbs. Sengled's LED solutions are the lighting solutions for the 21st century: they facilitate a new perception of the matter of lighting and guide the way into an energy-saving and cost-efficient world of luminosity. The company works according to the maxim of developing innovative products that have no unnecessary environmental impact during the manufacturing process. At the same time, its products feature long product life cycles, first-class light output and high efficiency. It is our vision to inspire the world with intelligent lighting products and always new, fresh ideas: the possibilities are almost endless. Also for this reason, the infinity symbol is at the centre of the Sengled logo.

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