Sengled's New Feature Lighting Products

Sengled adds three new LED bulbs with intelligent extra function to Feature Lighting line-up

Düsseldorf, September 26, 2017. Sengled, a leading manufacturer of innovative lighting solutions for the smart home, introduces new Feature Lighting products, which were presented for the first time at this year's International Electronics Fair IFA in Berlin. The energy-efficient LED-bulbs satisfy with intelligent add-ons like built-in motion detection or easy color temperature tuning. These additional functions are available without the use of a smartphone and an appropriate app.

Sengled has already been actively shaping Smart Home and Home Security in a connected home. Also LED-solutions with integrated audio-elements, like the Sengled Pulse series, stun with their combination of high-end stereo sound and perfect light quality. Now Sengled introduces new Feature Lighting products, which make everyday life easier and more comfortable with its smart add-ons. With these entry-level products for a smart home the add-ons can be used without a smartphone or appropriate app.


Sengled Smartsense detects every motion

With built-in motion detection Sengled Smartsense illuminates automatically as soon as it spots movements and switches off automatically after 90 seconds. This ensures that energy will be consumed only when needed. So it saves energy and money. Also burglars feel caught red-handed. Sengled Smartsense is suited for cellars, garages, staircases or the entrance area.

Sengled Smartsense


Sengled Mood adapts to every mood

Sengled Mood combines two color temperatures in one bulb. With the wall switch the light can be adjusted to suit your mood from a cozy warm white to a stimulating cold white.

Sengled Mood


Sengled Paint brings color into the game

Sengled Paint adds pleasant splashes of color with a color-changing LED of 8 watts, that can be controlled remotely. The favorite color can be chosen conveniently and simply and can even be saved.

Sengled Paint

Price and availability

Sengled Smartsense, Sengled Mood and Sengled Paint are already available in the UK at 66 Wickes stores as well as at selected Bunnings outlets. The recommended retail price for Sengled Smartsense is £16.99. Sengled Moon and Sengled Paint are available for £9.99 and £16.99 respectively.


About Sengled

Sengled is a leading provider of innovative lighting solutions based in Shanghai. The company has branches in several European countries and the USA, Canada, Australia, owning approximately 200 worldwide patents. Sengled specializes in the manufacture of LED products for business and private customers worldwide and offers high-quality as well as energy-efficient alternatives for conventional light bulbs. Sengled's LED solutions are the lighting solutions for the 21st century: they facilitate a new perception of lighting and guide the way into an energy-saving and cost-efficient world of luminosity. The company works according to the maxim of developing innovative products that have no unnecessary environmental impact during the manufacturing process. At the same time, its products feature long product life cycles, first-class light output and high efficiency.

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