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Germand Brand Award Nominee

Sengled GmbH is an international manufacturer of innovative and smart lighting products. We have more than 20 years’ experience in the lighting industry. With developers and designers in Germany, the USA and China and over 200 patents, we are different to other traditional lighting product manufacturers. We aim to impress and inspire people with our products.


Turn your living room into a nightclub: Sengled Solo Color Plus combines Light and color with a built-in Bluetooth speaker. Adapt light and sound to your mood or home decor with 16 Million colors and 5 preset patterns. Stream music from your smartphone or via voice control with Amazon's Alexa.

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You can control your Sengled Element from home or on the move. Light up your home and simulate your presence when you are away. Regulate the brightness via your smartphone or tablet.


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Sengled Snap combines a Security camera with an energy efficient LED light and gives You live and every time the perfect view on Your home. Day and Night, Sengled Snap registers every movement and alerts You on Your connected device, smartphone or tablet. No drilling and no laborious cable installation needed. Snap Crystal is the solution for Your Snap. This luminaire is adaptable horizontally and vertically for a wider and better viewing range on any spot you are monitoring, in- or outdoors (e.g. under Your canopy).

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LED-Light + wireless JBL speaker, LED-Light + integrated emergency light , LED-Light + IP security camera, and much more – here you can comfortably order online


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