Snap is an IP camera with an integrated energy-efficient LED lamp.

CES Innovation Award 2015

Sengled Snap


Snap is an IP camera with an integrated energy-efficient LED lamp. Simply screw Snap into a standard E27 light socket and download our free app onto your smartphone or tablet. You can view HD videos live through the wide-angle camera in the app or retrieve the recorded scenes from the cloud. Every movement is recorded. At night they are picked up by infrared. You always know what’s going on in and around your home thanks to messages sent to your connected mobile device. With an integrated speaker and microphone, you can even use Snap to communicate with your family when you are away from home.

Unpack, screw in, ready!

Snap simply screws into a standard E27 light socket. No drilling, no laborious cable installation.

Snap App

The free Snap app gives you complete control. You can see exactly what’s going on and access your camera 24/7 from anywhere. Moreover, there are first-class additional options that you can purchase as and when required.

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Sengled Snap - Cloud Packages

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Option: Services: Access to video footage: Prices:
Purchase of Snap
+ basic package
  • External light management (dimmable, turning on & off of bulbs)
  • Real-time HD video streaming
  • 24h live streaming
  • Set schedules to turn light on or off
  • Provides additional security through simulated occupancy (Programme bulbs to turn on and off when away)
  • Package based cloud-recording
  • Day and night vision
Video live streaming For free
Purchase of Snap
+ advanced package
Same benefits as the basic package plus:
  • Motion detection with push messages
  • Motion-triggered video clips
  • Cloud-video storage (1, 7 or 30 days)

1. 1-day video storage
2. 7-days video storage
3. 30-days video storage

1. Monthly: For free
2. Monthly: € 6,50
3. Monthly: € 18,50
Purchase of Snap
+ free trial package
30 days free trial of the package 2 after purchase. 7-days video storage For free

Crystal: the customized luminaire for your Snap.



Snap is an IP camera with an integrated energy-efficient LED lamp.

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Sengled Snap Crystal is the perfect customized luminaire for your security camera Snap.

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Technical Data

Model number:
Energy supply:
220-240 Volt AC, 50/60 Hz
Lamp base:
LED power:
14 Watt
Luminous flux:
850 lumen
Colour temperature:
3000 Kelvin
Energy consumption:
max. 14 watts
1080p HD (140 degrees diagonal)
Operating temperature:
-20°C to +40°C
Storage temperature:
-40° C to +70° C
Wireless connection:
2,4 GHz/5 GHz compatibel (2×2 Mimo)
Ingress protection:
IP54, 100% UV protection
hight 148 mm, diameter 121 mm
604 g

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am having a hard time to connect Snap to my Wi-Fi router.

There are a couple of reasons that can cause that Snap app doesn´t connect Snap to its Wi-Fi router.

First of all, Snap depends on a strong and reliable Wi-Fi connection between itself and its associated Wi-Fi router. It requires a Wi-Fi strength of at least -70dBM at the Snap location. A Wi-Fi extender may be required to guarantee a good Wi-Fi connection. There is free Wi-Fi analyzer App for Android devices to help measure the Wi-Fi strength.

If Wi-Fi connection is not an issue, check the firewall settings on your Wi-Fi router. Some routers have setup rules to block IP traffic on some IP ports. This is particularly true for an office router.

Some connection attempt could fail due to an invalid Wi-Fi password. Your router's name (SSID) and its Wi-Fi password must be a combination of the following characters: uppercase and lowercase letters (Aa–Zz), numbers (0–9), and symbols (~!@#$%^&*()_+{}[];'<>,.?:-/space). Also The Wi-Fi password has to be between 8 and 31 characters long. It also must not begin with or end with spaces. Spaces in the middle of a string are acceptable.

2. What are the supported Wi-FI encryption methods?

Snap does not support WEP encryption but support all the following encryption methods.


3. I was able to connect Snap to my Wi-Fi router, but there is no video streaming or video streaming is intermittent at best.

The quality of the video streaming depends on your Internet bandwidth. Each Snap requires a minimum upload and download speed of 1Mbps. It is normally an indication of low bandwidth when living streaming is intermittent.

If bandwidth is not an issue and the live streaming stopped working after working for a while, power cycle the Snap normally resolves the problem.

4. Where does the video replay start from any instance of the motion events under security tab?

Video replay triggered from the motion snapshot screen under the security tab normally starts 5 seconds prior to the detected motion time. For example, if a motion is detected at 1:00:05pm, then the replay will start from 1:00:00pm each time you click replay, so you will not miss what happens right before the detected motion. If no video containing the detect motion event was captured, the Snap app will alert through a pop-up error message that says "Sorry, video containing the motion event "Motion" during xx:xx:xx is not available" and the replay will play instead the most recently captured video.

5. Where does the video replay start if I click “Replay” from the live streaming screen of any Snap?

Video replay normally starts 10-20 minutes prior to the actual moment.

6. When I go to replay screen, why are historical videos intermittent?

Video upload could fail from time to time due to poor network conditions.

7. My Snap App was able to detect motion, but I have not received any notification on iOS.

To enable in-app push notification, first enable “Notifications” under the “Security Settings” by going to the settings page from Snap’s live streaming screen via the upper right “wheel” icon.

Also go to iOS’s device setttings ->Notifications to enable notification for the Snap app and set the desired alert style.

8. I can see live video but motion or video replay are not enabled.

Motion and video playback are paid services. You can purchase these services inside the app.

9. Where can I find user manual?

User manual can be found inside the App under “About->User Manual”.

10. How do I know if there is newer firmware available for the Snaps?

From the app, when there is a newer firmware available, a green dot will show up right next to “About” in the pull-down menu.

Go to “About->Firmware Update” to upgrade all Snaps with a single click of “Upgrade all”, make sure the Snaps are powered on during the upgrade. It usually takes less than 5 minutes to upgrade one Snap. You will receive a notification on the status of the upgrade. If the upgrade is successful, a “Current” indicator will show up next to the upgraded Snap along with its current version number under “Firmware Update” screen.

11. Are videos encrypted?

Yes, the videos are encrypted on both upload and download links according to industry standard.

12. At night, Snap switches in and out of the night vision mode all the time.

This problem normally happens when there are objects that are up close and are in front of the camera lens. Please clear any objects of the front of the lens.

13. I am getting constant notification from detected motion events? How can I reduce them as they are really annoy?

You can temporarily disable all the motions if there are constant motions going on in the motion zones you have setup. Or you can adjust the motion zones to avoid the areas where unwanted motions can often be detected. Setting the correct motion zones are particularly important for outdoor environment where a lot of things can be moving around.

14. Can I change Snap name?

Yes, navigate to “Device Management”, choose your Snap and change the name from there.

15. How can I move my Snap to another account?

It is very simple. Inside the App navigate to “Device Management” and choose your Snap. Click on “Remove from the account”. Then reset the Snap to factory default. After that it is ready for a new account.